Las Vegas: China Poblano


Before the Black Keys concert in Vegas a couple of weekends ago, we descended upon China Poblano for eats. The five of us ordered a slew of dishes and it was great fun delving into both a Chinese and Mexican menu by Jose Andres.

queso fundito

While we looked over the cocktails list, we ordered queso fundito for the table. My goodness, there was very little of it. A mere single layer of cheese. For those who enjoy wacky sized portions, this may not be ideal.

Maii Taiwan

I ordered the Mai Taiwan, supposedly a fun variation on a traditional mai tai. While it wasn’t bad per se, there was an odd fruit flavor I just couldn’t place. The orchid is edible.

carnitas tacos

The tacos were the best thing I ate this night. The carnitas tacos came with little puffs of pork rinds.

siu mai

har gow

Both the siu mai and har gow were tiny and mushy. I would not order these again, no matter how fancy the gold leaf is on the siu mai.

dan dan noodles

dancing eggplant

Nice, but Naughty

I didn’t get the dan dan noodles. There was no discernible peanut flavor but they were super spicy. They’re no Chaun Yu Noodle Town dan dan mian, for sure!

I did enjoy the vegetables; the dancing eggplant and the lotus root with pea sprouts (Nice, but Naughty) were great but I have heard Chef Jose Andres has a thing for veggies.

lemon tree shrimp with celery

scallop ceviche

Like Water for Chocolate

The next set of courses were more in line of what I think of for Chef Jose Andres. The shrimp with celery were delicate and I liked the quail dish (Like Water for Chocolate). The scallop ceviche was a bit odd to me but it was a nice presentation and way of having it (popping it off the key lime).

Gaspacho Morelia

The fruit (Gaspacho Morelia) featured chunks of pineapple, cucumber, jicama, dragon fruit, queso fresco and chile pequin. I didn’t try it but my friend said it was just like the fruit from street vendors.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind trying another Jose Andres restaurant but I think I’ll stick with the Latin/ Spanish food.

China Poblano at The Cosmopolitan

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 651-2432