Las Vegas: Bellagio Buffet


There’s something inherently gluttonous about Las Vegas. It seems eating at a buffet is a must. The last few trips took me to the buffet at the Wynn but it didn’t seem worth the money and we decided to try the buffet at Bellagio for brunch last weekend. There didn’t seem like much selection but can you really eat all that anyway?

soup and salad

I really appreciated the fresh salad makings and created a spinach salad for myself. Their chicken noodle soup was okay.

won ton soup

I am actually a sucker for soup so I tried their won ton soup along with the Tuscan bean soup as well. The broth for the won tons were good. The dumplings were a tad mushy.

breakfast round

For my first round, I went for breakfast. They’re known for their hand carved maple pork belly (bacon!). Next time, I’d skip the sausages and add more cocktail shrimp.

various cold marinated veggies and olives

I needed more fiber. Their grilled and marinated cold veggies weren’t bad.

Kind of Asian-y, Round 2

Perhaps because all of Vegas was still celebrating the Lunar New Year but giant bunnies (it’s the year of the rabbit) and Chinese imagery were everywhere. I decided to try some of their Asian offerings. The chicken birayni was way overcooked (no surprise) as was the baby bok choy. But I didn’t mind the fish despite its heavy sweet soy sesame studded glaze. And I can eat noodles anytime, even if also mushy.


To finish it all off, I had fruit. I don’t really like pastries in the morning but they had plenty of ’em and cakes galore. For $30, this was a pretty decent brunch, helped along by the fact they pour HEAVY on the champagne if you’re going for a bottomless mimosa!

Bellagio Hotel and Casino
3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(888) 987-6667