Gays & Dolls Hit Silver Lake

Red over Heels at Rockwell VT

After the success of my Hot Bartender crawls, I created a companion crawl called “Gays and Dolls” where we roamed gay bars. The first was in West Hollywood in March.  I will be starting yet another bar crawl series to explore craft beer that would be more (straight) guy friendly.

Last Friday, we headed over to Los Feliz and Silver Lake. On the crawl were four bars but we eventually only went to three since we had to drive to each one unlike WeHo where we could walk to every bar.

Park Avenue Princess

With a belly full of noodles, we went to Rockwell VT first. This bar did double-duty as one of my Los Feliz Hot Bartender Crawl stops. Sex and the City 2 came out this weekend and they were featuring drinks named after the SATC ladies. I got the Red over Heels not that I am particularly Miranda (or any of the ladies) but because I happen to like ginger drinks.

The gang at Akbar

After our drinks at Rockwell VT, we headed over to Akbar. I love Akbar. I think it’s a great dance floor  though we were early and the dance floor hadn’t opened yet. It’s a good thing the lounge area is comfortable! More people joined us for this stop and we headed over to MJ’s.

go go boys at MJs

One of my gay posse, the original gay boyfriend had been telling me for years about MJ’s but he always made it seem so raunchy I never particularly wanted to go. I went for the first time to check out Ongina. After that experience, I was comfortable enough to lead a group of girls into that bar. They all told me they had so much fun. The dance floor is situated in between lots of go-go dancers. And let’s just say when the lights go out  between songs, many things happen. Like $1 shots (what else did you think I meant?).

I’ve been tossing the idea of a Gays & Dolls in Long Beach. Stay tuned! But in the meantime, I’ll be announcing the stops for the next Hot Bartender Crawl very soon! I hope you can join me in my quest for cool cocktails and hot bartenders!