Hipster Diners: Noodles at Fred 62

I grew up eating noodles and rice. My parents thought it was hilarious though to get a TV dinner from time to time.  Or we went to diners. My favorite things to get were chicken fried steak or meatloaf. It’s “so American.”

Mac Daddy & Cheese Balls

A few years ago, I realized my beloved diners of my childhood seemed to be replaced by hipster diners. Oh, sure I could probably still find a fantastic chicken fried steak (like I did in Seattle) but menus were changing.

Sin Delicious Noodles

I got noodles at Fred 62 last Friday. There was a part of me who really wanted to get the chicken fried steak but a bigger part of me overuled it in favor of testing out the noodles.

They weren’t bad but I think living in LA with so many cheapie noodle joints around, I should stick to American classics at diners.

But do get the mac and cheese balls! Crispy, cheesy and soul-satisfying.

Fred 62

1850 North Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027-4215
(323) 667-0062