Los Feliz Serving Up Some Hot Bartenders

Some of the girls with Figaro's hot bartender

pictured Carina from UncouthGourmands and Jennie from Happy Hour Tour

Last Friday, I along with almost 30 girls hit the streets of Los Feliz looking for hot bartenders. I had done a recon a few weeks back and chose Figaro as our starting point.

The tiny bar of this French bistro has 6 seats. We slowly took over them and watched the busy bartender serve drinks as well as doing his own bar-backing. He was good, remembering to give us water along with our drinks, refilling and asking if we needed anything else. Well…how about a few pictures? He was embarrassed but happy to oblige.

bartender at Agave

Next up was Agave, a tequila bar though almost all of us had mojitos. I had spotted this bartender a few weeks back on the recon but he didn’t want to take pics with us. I got one when he was working the bar.

mojito from Agave

The mojitos? Weak as hell. Next!

We hit the connecting bar, 1739 Pub and unfortunately, there were only female bartenders. Most of the girls made a mad dash across the street to Rockwell VT right away.

Bartender from Rockwell VT

Gemini from Rockwell VT

A few weeks ago, I fell in love with a Gemini. A drink called Gemini, that is. It’s ruby red vodka, hot peppers and grilled grapefruit with a touch of St. Germain.

The Dresden

After chilling upstairs in the patio for a while, we headed over to the Dresden. I figured if it was late enough, the well-mannered bartenders would have gone home and we’d have ourselves a hot bartender ol’ time.

Bartender at the Dresden

We parked ourselves in front of the youngest bartender and proceeded to marvel how this timeless classic was still so timeless. And how this bar is a bit of a crossroads, where the silver foxes mingle with the hipsters.

bar scene at the Dresden

Some of the ladies headed off to Good Luck and Akbar in search of more hot bartenders but I hadn’t eaten dinner and a burger was calling my name. I ended my night embracing it and fries.

bacon avocado burger on sourdough from House of Pies

I swore up and down and across multiple graves this was the best damn basic burger I’ve ever had. I can taste that salty bacon, perfect avocado and well-seasoned beef now. Thank you House of Pies for staving off any drunk doom.

More pics from the Crawl are here.

Missed this hot bartender crawl or the DTLA one? I’ll be doing the next one in June. But don’t miss the Gays & Dolls bar crawl through WeHo later this month!

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