Dim Sum Battle: Traditional VS Food Truck

CBS Seafood

Who eats dim sum twice in one day? Minty, of course. A week ago, I checked out the Dim Sum Truck and thought very highly of it. A few friends were jonesing for some dim sum and since I hadn’t been to CBS Seafood in Chinatown in a while, I suggested it.

shrimp cheung fun

Most people prefer to get their dim sum on in the San Gabriel Valley but as more and more of those restaurants turn to fusion and trendy dim sum, sometimes I crave the stuff I grew up with. I would like my shrimp cheung fun without asparagus, thank you.

chicken feet

turnip cakes

congealed pig's blood

I noticed most things tasted okay. Nothing was fantastic. What was it about the items I had at the Dim Sum Truck last week that were so great? Well, the dumplings like shu mai and har gow were enormous! And they tasted much fresher. And they were just better looking. The turnip cakes from CBS were falling apart (though they tasted fine).

See more pics from CBS dim sum here.

CBS Seafood

700 N Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-2323

The Brig

Luckily for me, the Dim Sum Truck celebrated their grand opening the same night I had dim sum across town in Venice. I was in the area anyway and stopped by to try the fusion items I hadn’t tried yet.

Peking duck taco

I loved the Peking duck taco! Just the right amount of duck and sauce. Although I do like the sweetness from a traditional bun more, I always thought it was way too much bread and not enough duck. A tortilla is the right balance.

spicy tofu mulita

Somehow I expected this to be spicier. I am not usually good with spice though I do like spicy foods. I think next time, I might ask for that special hot sauce that comes with the shu mai. Or just dose this with chili sauce.

I didn’t realize they had chicken feet that night. I guess I’ll have to go back to try their version!

The Dim Sum Truck

Who won this battle this day? The Dim Sum Truck, of course! They had a winning fusion taco but also are able to do traditional dim sum well.