Chinatown: Dim Sum at Empress Pavilion

full table, happy diners

Empress Pavilion


I remember when Empress Pavilion opened in Chinatown. It was the hot place to go and continued to be a staple. I even had my college graduation brunch there. Over the years, the quality lagged and the last time I went, it was deplorable. It struggled and eventually closed. I thought it was about time. Others mourned.

Recently it reopened under new owners, supposedly the same group that owns nearby CBS. Though some say it’s really the owners of Ocean Seafood, which is also nearby.

Parking was a breeze — it was quite difficult during the most popular years. We had made reservations but there wasn’t any wait during prime time on a Saturday. That was my first warning sign.


crystal shrimp dumplings – har gow


Empress Pavilion has dim sum carts and they trundled by bearing their dumplings and other delights. We got all the basics like crystal shrimp (har gow) and siu mai out of the way. They were okay. the siu mai were slightly better while the wrappers for the har gow fell apart.

siu mai

pork and shrimp dumplings – siu mai


lotus wrapped sticky rice

lotus wrapped sticky rice – loh mai gai


Although we probably shouldn’t have gotten any starches, we ordered up two rounds of lotus wrapped sticky rice. It was excellent.

loh bak goh

daikon/ turnip cake – loh bak goh


We had a good laugh about the cart that serves loh bak goh. The daikon cakes are “grilled” in front of you (or in our case, nearby) to give it a faint patina but really, we know they’re pre-cooked.


shrimp and pea tendril dumplings


I tend to order any dumplings I see so that’s how we ended up with the shrimp and pea tendril dumplings. These were much better than the har gow.

chicken feet

chicken feet – fung jiao


The chicken feet were good though nothing particularly special about the sauce. I found myself thinking about the chicken feet at my recent dim sum adventure at Shi Hai, one of the few items I actually liked.

egg rolls

egg rolls – chung guen


I was so mad about the egg rolls! These aren’t dim sum egg rolls but the crap kind they give you at fast food Chinese places with steam tables. Ugh! Where’s the meat? This is all veggies. Gross. (Yes, I’m passionate about good egg rolls.)

BBQ pork buns - cha siu bao

BBQ pork buns – cha siu bao


People seemed to enjoy the BBQ pork buns. I skipped to save stomach room.

Chinese broccoli - gai lan

Chinese broccoli – gai lan


We opted for the gai lan as that was the most acceptable greens for the table. I commented these plates reminded me of the sort found at Hong Kong style cafes with a little well for oyster sauce.

shrimp cheung fun

shrimp cheung fun 


We actually got several cheung fun including shrimp, beef and BBQ pork. I ate only the shrimp as that’s my favorite. The noodle was pretty good but shrimp wasn’t particularly the freshest.

jelly fish

jelly fish


I laughed at the old-school presentation of the jelly fish with half a maraschino cherry. The brave souls who tried it said it was chewy-crunchy — as it should be.


tofu wrapped veggies

tofu wrapped veggies – shuen jok guen


I was a little bit surprised by the tofu wrapped veggies. One of the rolls seemed dried out while it was too saucy in general.

ribs - pai gok

ribs – pai gwok


One of the best dishes were the ribs. The pai gwok were fatty with a nice sauce. Others complained there weren’t any black beans (Chinese fermented soy beans) but I pick them out anyway so it didn’t bother me.

har gow

shrimp and pea dumplings 


In my experimental dumplings quest, we ended up with shrimp and pea dumplings. These were not as successful as the other shrimp dumplings were.

fried shrimp

fried shrimp


A server wandered by with fried shrimp and it ended up being a good decision and something to much on while waiting for more carts to roll by.

taro and pork - wuu gwok

taro and pork – wuu gok


We thought the taro and pork wuu gok were pretty bad. They were very oily and not much pork. I also hate when they’re cold which made them even greasier.

shrimp toast

shrimp toast


The shrimp toast was quite interesting in concept. Visually, they were stunning but the execution wasn’t there. The rolled up bread was only partially fried leaving it very doughy in the middle. There was also not much flavor unless you dipped everything in the mayo.

egg tarts - daan taat

egg tarts – daan taat


We ended with egg tarts. These were a crazy hue which made everyone suspicious until I mentioned perhaps the eggs were from chicken that didn’t eat regular feed but gasp, insects! They were pretty good.

Overall, I would return to Empress Pavilion because of its central location. However I like the dim sum better in the San Gabriel Valley. They are still working on some kinks. Service was a bit slow and tables weren’t being cleared right away. We sat next to three dirty tables the whole time we were there. Empress Pavilion has always been a classier joint than its sister dim sum palaces. I hope they get back to that level of grace soon.


Empress Pavilion

988 N Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 595-6886


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