Santa Monica: Dinner at Brilliantshine


drinks at Brilliantshine


Brilliantshine has been doing a great job with food and drinks since its opening in August. I’ve now been back several times for dinner and snacks at the bar. Recent favorites usually include anything with uni (get the uni and scallops if you see it!) and I loved the duck leg rice. The gochuchang wings and duck wraps are also good for easy snacking at the bar.


lobster uni rice

lobster uni rice


Do not share the lobster uni rice. Everyone should get their own bowl of luscious sea urchin. And there’s a goodly amount of lobster as well.

bok choy

bok choy


Of all the Asian veggies, bok choy is my least favorite. I was pleasantly surprised by this dish however. There are many other vegetables and the flavor is very good.

Julian Cox

Julian Cox


Julian Cox and Josh Goldman are doing such a great job with the bar. The drinks list has changed every single time I’ve been but being the sort of person who’s always seeking the newest cocktail, I’m happy to try new ones. My current favorites are Fly By Night (Sheep Dip Scotch, Saler’s, King’s Ginger, grapefruit essence and both Peychaud’s and Angostura bitters) as well as the brilliantly named Pig Ol’ Bitties (Pig Nose Blended Scotch, Giffard Banana and both orange and Angostura bitters). They fit my brown, bitter, stirred mood





If you’ve saved room for dessert, be sure to get something ridiculously good like the s’mores which arrived on fire. Excellent presentation!


purple corn sorbet


Or if you’re lucky enough, maybe the purple corn sorbet will be on the menu when you go. This light dessert is the perfect end after a few small plates.

I’ll be back again soon!


522 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401  –  310-451-0045


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