West Hollywood: Drinks at Conservatory and its Speakeasy, Society Room

A Spritzy Little Painkiller at The Conservatory


I found myself in West Hollywood one night and remembered I wanted to check out the drinks at Conservatory. While I was there, I became aware of a speakeasy in the back called Society Room. Conservatory is very close to Norah and La Fete.  It could be the start — or end– of a great mini bar hop.

As I was about to close out, a manager invited me to the Society Room. I had initially worried about getting in as I heard it’s a small room and there was a formidable bouncer making sure the right people were allowed in. I later ran into a friend who said I wouldn’t have any problems (I was dressed in a reasonable manner).

I started my night at the bar with A Spritzy Little Painkiller. I love Painkillers and this much lighter version was sparkling to boot!

A Spritzy Little Painkiller – pineapple rum, dry curacao, orange juice, sparkling coconut water, sparkling wine, nutmeg

burger and fries at The Conservatory


I hadn’t eaten dinner though I did have quite a few passed appetizers at a party I had gone to earlier. Still, those are snacks. I needed dinner! I probably should have gotten a salad. But it’s evening and I consider salads lunch food.

I got the burger medium rare. I liked that it came with fries. So many new spots now consider that a thing you have to order with your burger.

Increase in Celery at The Society Room


When I was ready, I went into Society Room. The aforementioned bouncer seemed to have disappeared and now big groups were coming and going from the back bar.

I looked over the drinks. Like the outside bar, this menu was created by Josh Goldman, a celebrated bartender best known for his partnerships with Julian Cox (I still miss their bars Brilliant Shine and Fiscal Agent). However, Josh has created some of the best menus around town on his own for Belcampo, Citizen and more.

With the recommendation of the bartender, I got Increase in Celery. I love the Sea gin from the Oakland Spirits Company. It’s part of their Automatic gin series. It’s quite unique with marine notes. Plus the flavors of strawberry, elderflower and genepy all melded together for a variation of my brown, bitter, stirred theme. Except this one wasn’t whiskey based! Who says I don’t branch out?

Increase in Celery – Sea gin, genever, strawberry-infused St. Germain, genepy, celery bitters

bespoke cocktail at The Society Room


Ah, but that bewitching mistress that is whiskey. I ended my evening with a bespoke drink. I did have a variation of a Manhattan and I loved that I got to pick out my garnish — I got a piece of peanut brittle.

I had a lot of fun at Conservatory and its speakeasy, Society Room. I can’t wait to go back. I’m glad the craft cocktails movement have continued making waves in WeHo.



Society Room

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