SGV: Sichuan Food at Mr. Fish in Alhambra



Sometimes it just takes a photo and it stays with you. I saw some folks checking out  new Sichuan spot in Alhambra called Mr. Fish (not to be confused with Mrs. Fish in downtown Los Angeles which serves Japanese food and whisky). Mr. Fish is never to the ever popular Boiling Crab in downtown Alhambra. So I gathered a couple of folks and headed out to check it out. I’m still on a Sichuan kick and probably always will be.




The restaurant sent out a complimentary appetizer. I love seaweed and this was most welcomed.




Dinner negotiations netted us beef, fish, scallop and greens. I wanted the fish (but not the whole fish with bones) and the scallops. I knew the scallops weren’t really Sichuan but I was feeling nostalgic for the scallops with glass noodles I had in Hong Kong. It turned out they were a bit dry and overcooked. Next time I’ll stick with the regional specialties.

As for the bee, we were looking at another dish but our server said it was really spicy so we went with this more low key version with diced chiles rather than swimming in chili oil. If you like the thin pieces of beef in a Japanese rice bowl or shabu shabu, then you’ll like this dish with a hearty bowl of rice which they also gave to us with their compliments.




I also didn’t find the water boiled fish too spicy. It was again that clear sauce and not oil. I was a little surprised. I was looking forward to both the tingling ma la flavor from the Sichuan peppercorns and heat from the chile peppers. Ah well. There was plenty of fish and bean sprouts hiding at the bottom under the chiles. This platter is enormous.




And finally I don’t think any Chinese meal is complete without a plate of greens. We got a standard garlic stir fry and the seasonal vegetable was the Taiwanese A-choy. I liked the greens. It wasn’t too oily and I felt like I had an extremely healthy and balanced meal.


Mr. Fish

39 W Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801  —  (626) 299-1888

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