DTLA: Guerrilla Tacos in the Arts District

Guerrilla Tacos



I was not a Guerrilla Tacos devotee. I had never sought its cart and eventual truck. But I knew about them. And always meant to go. Then they opened right around The Critic’s passing. And I knew it was a sign I needed to go and pay my respects. There’s a booth with his photo and a now well known quote.




We started our meal with the calmari in this fantastic buttery garlic sauce. Every piece was grilled perfectly and no piece was every chewy. I almost didn’t want to squeeze lemon because I wanted that pure garlic butter awesomeness but the calamari did benefit from a squeeze or two.


drinks at Guerrilla Tacos


For drinks, we only tried a couple on the menu. I had the intriguing cachaca and gin mix called La Favela and my friend had a creamy drink that reminded her of a favorite we had tried in Seattle. Both deserve to be patio drinks though Paging Dr. Rhum is probably more of a beachside tipple.


La Favela – cachaca, gin, pineapple, salted agave, lime, tiki bitters, lime zest, cinnamon

Paging Dr. Rhum – Appleton Estate Jamaican rum, white rum, 151 rum, kaffir lime leaves infused Coco Lopez, pineapple, lime, orange juice, lemongrass


potato taquitos



My friend really wanted the potato taquitos and I was happy to oblige. These came under a mound of green salsa and cheese. They’re also a perfect appetizer.




We went meat heavy for the tacos though I thought I’d like to do all vegetarian next time.

My favorite was the wild boar. It was spicy and the spice kept getting more wild and spicier but I stuck with it. I also wanted the fried fish but later realized that maybe I should have eaten this right away as it lost a bit of its crispness by the time I got to it. We added a piece of foie gras to the beef taco. Awww yeah, that’s just going big on Taco Tuesday!

We also got the chicken which I felt was at the cashier’s insistence. He said it was one of their best sellers. I rather have saved room for another type of taco.


hamachi tostada


But my ultimate favorite was the hamachi tostada. We added a piece of uni to this though I suppose it really didn’t need anything. I really liked the fruit in this as well! That unexpected fruit really made the layers of uni and fish sing. The hot chili oil also was just right.


Guerrilla Tacos 

2000 E 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90021  —  (213) 375-3300

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