Lincoln Heights: Craft Beer and Meatball Sub at The Heights

The Heights


I was back in the old neighborhood and stopped into The Heights for a bite and a beer before a show.

My friend asked me if things have changed much in Lincoln Heights. Yes and no. Sure, now there’s this bottle shop where you can grab a slice or get a 6-pack of craft beer. But I haven’t seen any big box stores in the neighborhood. And I hope it stays a working class immigrant neighborhood despite an uptick in gentrification all around this Northeast Los Angeles enclave.

The Heights has a small parking lot in the back but I found street parking rather easily.

Fantastic Voyage (Imperial Milk Stout)


After looking over the beer list, I got the Imperial Milk Stout, the Fantastic Voyage from Perennial Artisan Ales out of St. Louis. It’s a coconut milk stout and it was delicious. I did wish they had taster pours. I wanted to try so many other beers.


antipasto stalad


We were getting sandwiches but I wanted a little salad. The antipasto salad as it turns out was not a “little’ salad by any means. At the time of this writing, I’m on day three of eating my leftover salad.


meatball sub


I love meatball subs and this one from The Heights was awesome. It had good meatballs, good sauce and good gooey cheese. The bread was the kind I like, light but sturdy and it’s so awesome warm.


chicken parmesean


My friend had the chicken parm which I didn’t taste as I was too busy stuffing myself with salad and meatballs. But she described it as a solid, well made chicken parm.

We’ll have to return to get pizza. They also sell by the slice which you can customize.


The Heights Deli & Bottle Shop

2927 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031  —  (323) 223-0708

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