Santa Monica: Brilliantshine Opens Today

Julian Cox

Julian Cox


Julian Cox and Josh Goldman open their new bar and restaurant Brilliantshine today in Santa Monica. Taking over the old Renee’s Courtyard space, the Soigne team brings more craft cocktails to the Westside. Brilliantshine and the also recently opened Chestnut Club feel more like locals places. They’re away from the busy Promenade and Main Street areas.

And yes, they will have food! The kitchen is helmed by Chef Richie Lopez, the former executive chef of Paiche. The food is expected to be comfort-driven with Peruvian touches. The food is also designed to complement the drinks which are inspired by Julian’s travels around the world.

Red Light Special

Red Light Special


I checked out Brilliantshine at a private preview last month and really dig the idea of having each room dedicated to a spirit. The front bar is focused on agave spirits and remains Tinga and Julian and Josh will manage it separately. Then we have a bar dedicated to rum and the whiskey bar that I saw. More seating is available in the back.

Julian and Josh are very excited about their first bar and restaurant that they own. They’ve designed a lot of beverage programs around town and it’ll be exciting to watch what they do with their own bar.

And you can’t have Brilliantshine without light! Check out the gin-based Red Light Special which is served in a light bulb (with components removed). These are specialty bulbs that are a bit more industrial and won’t break so easily.

Red Light Special – Ford’s gin, lemon, macerated strawberries, house-made fig jam, angostura bitters



522 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401  —  310-451-0045


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