Foodie Alert: Dim Sum Truck Preview

Alex Chu is ready to take your order at Dim Sum Truck (soft opening this week)

Yesterday, I was invited to check out the Dim Sum Truck. I had first seen them at the VIP Lounge serving up tasty dim sum in the VIP lounge at the LA Street Food Fest.

chicken and BBQ pork buns

Since it was a preview, I didn’t expect much but Alex is very personable and every time I turned around, another morsel was coming out of what he termed a giant dim sum cart.

lotus wrapped sticky rice

trio of dim sum

turnip cake

The best part of the tasting was watching Alex torch up the egg tarts. It must be so much work to prepare all the dim sum before the truck rolls out so it’s nice to see that last minute addition that makes the food item.

torching the egg tart

egg tart and sesame ball

I can’t wait for the Dim Sum Truck to officially roll out since I want to try the Peking Duck Tacos and Spicy Tofu Mulitas!

The Dim Sum Truck

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