Silver Lake Jubilee

This past weekend, thousands converged in Silver Lake for the first Silver Lake Jubilee, a music and art festival complete with over 30 food trucks.

The Jubilee took place on Myra Street from Santa Monica Boulevard to Fountain. I really had a great time. People were enjoying the music from three stages, the lines for the food trucks were quite short and there were a couple of beer gardens as well. I picked up some nifty jewelry and considered buying from many of the vendors. I did forget to bring a blank t-shirt though so I wasn’t able to get my own DIY screened tee that day.

I also enjoyed the eco-conscious vibe of the Jubilee. I picked up a map showing all the free fruit trees in the area from Fallen Fruit, a friend got a plant and we giggled over the seed bomb machine. That takes guerrilla gardening to a whole new level!

From my initial post, I really was looking forward to several food trucks. I was eying Fry Smith and Papas Tapas but somehow ended up doing a garlic fries showdown between Komodo and Crepe’n Around.

garlic fries from Komodo

garlic fries from Crepe'n Around

My group was in full agreement, we preferred the fries from Komodo. Sure, I liked the minced garlic topping from Crepe’n Around but the fries were better at Komodo. The fine sprinkling of parm on topped helped with the umami flavor overload. I suppose that’s why their fries are $5 vs the $3 from Crepe’n Around. We ended up gifting a group of strangers with the fries as we went to taste-test another truck.

Korean beef slider

pulled pork slider

At Uncle Lau’s, we got the Korean beef slider as well as the pulled pork slider. I liked the pork though some thought it was a tiny bit salty. However, I wasn’t into the buns at all. I think they should use Hawaiian buns but then again, they wouldn’t be able to pack in that much meat. I was amazed at the Korean beef one. Wow.

During the Jubilee, we took a lot of beverage breaks. They encouraged you to bring your own cup to refill at the various water stations. I brought a giant thing of water but also visited the agua fresca stand at Mi Alma Garden, got an iced latte at Intelligentsia and rounded out the day with a caipirinha at Malo.

Meatball sub from Vesuvio

Our last truck of the day was Vesuvio. We saw they had marked down their sandwiches to $2 for a half sandwich. I thought for a truck, this meatball was pretty good. Lots of meatballs and the sauce was fresh.

I was quite bummed to have missed the Dim Sum Truck. They were having some truck problems and I arrived later in the afternoon after they closed up. Next time!

For lots more pics, check out my Flickr set.