Bossa Nova

Sunday had been an incredibly long day. Well, all of last weekend was fairly packed.

Saturday was full of my Ramen Run, Silver Lake Jubilee and my solo dinner. Then on Sunday, I had two birthday parties (though I ultimately didn’t go to one), happy hour and the Mutineer party.

My BFF Sophia and I could have headed straight home, kicked off our heels and buried our heads into pillows after the Mutineer party but we opted to soak up the booze next door at Bossa Nova.

steak picanha

I had gone to the Bossa Nova on Robertson on Robertson years ago but couldn’t recall what would be good. Duh, since this is a Brazilian place, it’s good to get meat. Specifically, steak! I remember thinking the steak was pretty good but I had my leftovers a couple days later and the steak had a lot more flavor. I just scarfed it down but I’m wondering if I should have made a pseudo fried rice with my leftovers beans, rice and salsa.

gnocchi with tomato sauce

Sophia’s vegetarian but Bossa Nova is also known for their pastas so she decided to get gnocchi. What a good carb to soak up the booze-a-rama!

Bossa Nova

7181 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046

(323) 436-7999