Going Solo: Drago Centro

I’ve never eaten alone at a sit-down restaurant by myself. Although I don’t know why it was important to do so, I did it. It’s been suggested going to a sushi bar is fun and not bad for a solo diner. Baby steps, ya know?

But I started out at my second home, Drago Centro. Or actually, my real home is their bar and that’s where I had dinner.

Earlier on Saturday, I had seen Chef Ian Gresik‘s tweet about suckling pig. Do not click if afraid of dead animals.

I decided that’s what I was going to get. As I was gently cutting into it, I could hear that fine crackling sound of a good suckling pig. Yummy!


It’s good to be a regular. Chef Jashmine Corpus sent out a  lovely trio of desserts that included two new desserts and I tasted Bell’Aspetto, the first week’s winning cocktail from the People’s Cocktail contest. At the time, I had no idea this was the winning cocktail but it was very good. Well balanced with bourbon, Amaro Razzmoti, cinnamon syrup and blueberries.

So next time I want to dine solo, I’m going to have to take a huge leap from my familiar places and really go pig. I mean, big.

Or I could come back to Drago Centro for movie night. Starting Thursday, June 3, Drago Centro is kicking off their Summer movie nights. Featuring a special four-course meal in the Vault, DC’s private dining room for only $40.

1st Course – Heirloom Tomato Salad, Burrata, Crostini

2nd Course – Sweet Corn Agnolotti, Pancetta, Lemon Brown Butter Foam

3rd Course– New York Steak, Crispy Potatoes, Maitake Mushroom, Salsa Verda

4th course – Strawberry Torta, Balsamic Crème, Mascarpone

The first movie is La Dolce Vita. I’ve always wanted to see that movie.  The Vault has two huge flat screens. As you can imagine, space is limited so best to reserve in advance.

Drago Centro

The City National Bank Plaza

525 South Flower Street, Suite 120

Los Angeles, CA 90071