The People’s Cocktail Contest at Drago Centro

What’s even better than getting a drink named after you at Drago Centro? Getting your original cocktail recipe on their menu!

Calling all would-be mixologists, bar stars and cocktalians!

Starting on Monday, May 17, Drago Centro will have a month-long contest to find the People’s Cocktail.  Each week, an ingredient will be announced on Monday and a winner will be selected the following Friday.

This is an ongoing contest for a month so there will be four winners. These four finalists will be invited to a Mix Off where their cocktail will be judged the presentation which includes taste, aroma, name, appearance, creativity and compatibility with the existing Drago Centro cocktail list.

The Mix Off will be a week or two after the fourth weekly contest. And the final winner’s cocktail will be featured on Drago Centro’s cocktail list as the People’s Cocktail for at least one month if not through the summer.

Michael Shearin

Follow Drago Centro at @dragocentro to find out what the weekly ingredient is and tweet away. Recipes must be 140 characters or less. Add this hash tag #pplscocktail to your recipe tweet.

The guy to impress is Michael Shearin, Drago Centro’s Sommelier and Beverage Director. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelshearin.

Can’t wait to see, hear and taste the eventual winner’s cockail!


Congratulations to the Weekly Winners!

Week 1- Blueberries

Chuck Taggart with his Bell’aspetto

Woodford bourbon, Amaro Ramazzoti, cinnamon syrup, blueberries

Week 2-Fernet Branca

Ron Diggity won with his Tramontana

Aquavit, Fernet Branca, Cointreau, Angostura

Week 3- Gin

Matt Robold aka Rumdood won with his Dutch Elm Disease

Genever, Scotch, bitters, simple syrup

Week 4- Lemon (juice or fruit)

Jeni Afuso of Oishii Eats won with her Momo Rye Fizz

Rye,  peach, lemon juice, club soda