Successful Sexy Singles Soiree

In January 2009, the Vixen and I threw our first Sexy Singles Soiree and it was such a success that our friends and even complete strangers urged us to do it again. After a few months of going back on forth on if we even wanted to do it, I realized I had the perfect location, Drago Centro. I started speaking to them months ago about it and they were enthusiastically receptive to the idea.

After two months of planning, our evening arrived. On Thursday, the Sexy Singles came out in force to meet, flirt and perhaps a few love connections were made.

Drago provided us the bar and lounge and even agreed to name two drinks after us. The Mentolato and La Volpe Femmina were equally loved by all though a few people whispered to me they liked the Minty best (teehee).

From our Facebook invitation page, it looked like the men would have the pick of the women but as it turned out, more men came out that night and the ladies had fun.

Poker Winners

We played a game I came up with called Singles Poker. Everyone was given a playing card and they had to chat with others to find out what their card were. The best hands won prizes. To my surprise, people wanted to play more rounds of this game even though we were out of prizes.

Casa Noble Tequila

Casa Noble made an appearance at our soiree and gave out samples of their organic tequila. We were appreciative of their smooth tequila. And hey, more fine guys to our party!

Thank you to Citysearch for promoting our event. And also thank you to the Uncouth Gourmands team for coming as well as SocialBling, FinerThingsLA, VeronicaInLA and Hanhonymous for bringing sexiness to the soiree!

Also, a big thank you to everyone who came, especially those who made the trek from Orange County.

And again, thanks to Drago Centro for making sure we had a classy, beautiful space to mingle.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for future Soiree locations or other ideas for Vixen & Minty blogs mash-up events.

Until next time!