Traditional Taco Trucks Taste-Off: El Chavo VS La Estrella

lengua, carnitas, al pastor

After roller derby last Saturday, I smelled the delicious tacos on the street corner but I have yet to try that tacos table because I usually go by myself to derby and I don’t like eating by myself. However, this past Saturday, my friend thought tacos would be a good idea. Surveying the long line, we decided to go search for the El Chavo truck which he remembered was an awesome truck. It used to be parked at the Shell station on Fair Oaks in Pasadena but now has moved a block away to Fair Oaks and Holly.

He got all carne asada tacos and the salsa was spicy as hell. They were good tacos. I got an assortment including lengua, carnitas and al pastor. All were really good though I was leaning on the al pastor.

carne asada, lengua, carnitas, al pastor

The next night, after boozing it up at the Black Boar, we went off to La Estrella Tacos which I have always loved their lengua. I got that, carnitas, al pastor and carne asada so I could have a proper taste-off. I liked the pork and beef tacos at El Chavo more but have to give an edge to La Estrella for their lengua. I have yet to come across anyone else’s lengua that rivals it. Their lengua is just so soft and tasty.

La Estrella is a mini-chain but this is the only truck I’ve tried. They have several sit-down locations. The truck on York at Avenue 54 in Highland Park always makes me laugh with their permanent sign and single table with an umbrella. Most people eat on top of the newspaper boxes a few feet away though we opted to eat next to the truck.

I do love my street tacos. Join me this Sunday for my Silver Lake Fish Tacos crawl!