Eagle Rock: Craft Beer Crawl

I introduced a new crawl idea last Friday, the Minty Craft Beer Crawl.

Eagle Rock Brewery

Now, I’m a proud cocktalian. I like my booze in cocktails. I’m not much of a wine snob drinker and if I happen to drink beer, it’s because there’s not much else. But I wanted to try something new. And I do love a good tour.

I thought I would find it at the Eagle Rock Brewery. When I inquired they requested my crawlers pay a fee to enter early for a tour (as they only do one free tour a month). However, they never got back to me as to what that fee was so we just showed up like everyone else to the tap room. My group was eager to try the beers.


Although when I do drink beer, I’m a dark beer girl- give me a good porter or stout, I somehow decided on this young sour ale called Equinox.  It was not the sunset, dawn, twilight or epiphany of beers for me.

I did sample two other ERB beers; Solidarity (described as a mild black) and Revolution (an extra pale ale). I liked these two more but nothing to free me from my cocktailian past.

Verdugo Bar

Moving on, we next went to Verdugo Bar. This was home to the first Sexy Singles Soiree the Vixen and I threw. Verdugo Bar is well-known for their craft beer list. Some of my crawlers discovered and enjoyed Damnation from Russian River Brewing Company.

However, by now I was drinking Vizcaya rum on the rocks.  And conducting another “best Manhattan” search. As the saying goes, you can lead Minty to beer but invariably she’ll find a way to hard liquor. Wait, that’s not a saying is it?

Alas, we spent so much time at the first two stops, we didn’t make it to Black Boar. Next time!

Eagle Rock Brewery

3056 Roswell Street
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Verdugo Bar

3408 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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