Food Trucks Friday at FIDM

I realized sometime last week that I’ve tried over 30 food trucks. Perhaps the number is closer to 40** but whatever it is, I don’t consider it a lot. I love street food and if I happen to encounter a truck or street food vendor, I dreamily consider it. Sometimes I’ve already eaten but I still think about it.

I am not much of a truck chaser. I follow a bunch on twitter and sometimes if I really want to know where a particular truck is, I find this site helpful. Mostly trucks I have yet to try but also some I enjoy. I saw that Don Chow was going to be at FIDM last Friday and actually put it on my calendar. I have heard a lot about Food Trucks Fridays at FIDM, an informal gathering of trucks. There were 6 last Friday but I’ve heard there can be more.  Find them around 9th and Hope in Downtown Los Angeles.

After getting the taco sampler at Don Chow ($5 for 3 tacos), I wandered to the Dumpling Station, eyeballed Kogi and Flying Pig, scooted over to Mandoline Grill and finally made another stop at the Place, a new truck.

kimchi pork dumplings from Dumpling Station

Dumpling Station menu

I got a half order of kimchi pork dumplings pan fried for only $2.75. My friend had the kimchi beef. We both preferred hers.

Mandoline Grill

I first encountered the Mandoline Grill at Downtown Art Walk but I was too full to try them. I was glad they were at the Eagle Rock Brewery a couple weeks ago. I had ordered the last curry but gave it away to a friend who really wanted it. I ended up with the pork banh mi.

pork banh mi from Mandoline Grill

The bread was nice and chewy with plenty of pickled veggies.

spring rolls from Mandoline Grill

They were already out of spring rolls but I was glad to try them last Friday at FIDM. The traditional dipping sauce was pretty good but I’ll have to try the vegan version to see how it stacks up soon. The spring rolls and a drink were $5.50.

The Place's menu

The Place LA serves everything from pastrami to carne asada fries. I thought the prices were fairly reasonable. I got the carne asada fries for $3.75. Of course, if you totaled up what I ordered last Friday, you realize my lunch came out to $17. But the experience was priceless. I had so much fun truck hopping.

carne asada fries from The Place LA

I enjoyed my fries even though I was way, way stuffed from the three other trucks. I can’t wait to try their pastrami.

** The number I’m referring to is strictly “gourmet” food trucks. I have tried many “traditional” taco trucks as well.

Upcoming Food Truck Events:

Little Tokyo Lot Opens 7/21

The Little Tokyo Lot opens this Wednesday with Lee’s Philly and Kabob N Roll.


120 Judge John Aiso (San Pedro) in Little Tokyo

LA Street Food Fest Summer Tasting 7/24

Don’t forget to buy your tickets this week! Capacity is capped at 5000 and no tickets will be sold at the door. Remember, if you want to roll with Minty, RSVP here.  The group discount code has expired but you can still join me for the Summer Tasting.  Please meet me at 6:30 at the Outdoor Bar and Lounge.

See you at the Rose Bowl!

Westside Food Fest 7/31

Benefiting children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, the Westside Food Fest is from 12-4 p.m. Admission is only $5. There will be over a dozen food trucks, live music, a non-profit marketplace and a raffle.

At Venice High School