Roller Derby with the Minty!

All year long, I’ve been going to the LA Derby Doll bouts. Mostly alone because I’m that hardcore. I finally figured out with two games left in the season, I might want some company.

If you want to join me, I’ll be at the Doll Factory on Saturday, November 13 at 7 p.m. to partake in food truck action (last bout they had Mandoline Grill, Hot Dog on a Stick and Frysmith— who knows what they’ll have this time). They also usually have Garage Pizza, tamales, vegan cookies and all manner of chips. But save some room because after the bout, we’ll be hitting the taco table outside the Factory. TACOS!

Who’s playing? Why it’s the Flight Crew vs Varsity Brawlers. Should be an awesome bout.  It starts at 8 p.m.

I have season tickets which are in the VIP section (the bleachers- the only sitting area). If you truly want to roll with Anger ManageMINT (yes, that’s my Derby name), then treat yourself to VIP. If not, you can find some half-priced tickets on Goldstar. I’ll see you before, during intermission and after the bout.
$20 General Admission

$40 VIP


LADD usually has their after party at La Cita in Downtown but we can figure out where to get our cocktails after tacos.

RSVP via Facebook here.

But your tickets here!
Or see if they have ’em on Goldstar for half price!