DTLA Truck Battle: TK Truck VS Willoughby Road

The TK Truck

It’s been a while since I checked out some new trucks. I’ve been eying the TK Truck that rolls to my office every now and then and finally tried them last week. TK stands for tikkeh kabob. The TK Truck claims to have the biggest flame grill of any truck at 36″. Whether or not that’s true, they are definitely known for their grilled items.

So how come a bunch of vegans attacked them for cucumber and tofu? Their food is a fusion of Mediterranean (specifically Lebanese and Armenian) and Latin (hey, how about some kabob tacos?) and also wholly hippie American. Tofu. Huh.

The truck reminds me a bit of Armex.

chicken and beef tacos

The tacos are spread with hummus and the chicken and steak are prepared with traditional tikkeh kabob spices (sumac, onion, parsley). I liked my steak tacos more. I also had a chance to taste my coworker’s quesadilla prepared with dried mint. It was odd at first but I kind of liked it. It usually has cucumber but of course they were out due to those hungry vegans. TK Truck later tweeted me they were vegans but were like blood-thirsty ninjas. Hah!

I wouldn’t mind trying one of their burgers or other specials the next time they roll by. I heard something about a kabob melt after I received my tacos. Damn, that sounds kind of good.


TK Truck

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Last Friday, I counted about six trucks out by FIDM. There could have been more as I got there rather late. I have heard about the Willoughby Road truck for a while and the lure of pulled pork was compelling.

Pulled Pork Sammie


Sometimes I really hate eating by myself. I could only order one thing. Ah, the sadness! I wanted to try their mac & cheese. I was a bit bummed this $7 sandwich didn’t come with any sides. However, this sammie is PACKED with pulled pork. There’s a bit of Thai salad to round out the flavor as there’s not any BBQ sauce. I got a hint of pineapple for sweetness.


Willoughby Road

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sliders and onion rings from Me So Hungry

Coming soon- Me So Hungry! I didn’t get a chance to try this truck myself but my coworker had the sliders and onion rings. Okay, I lie. I did  have an onion ring. The next time they roll by, I’m on it.


Me So Hungry

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