Armex: Armenian & Mexican Mash-up


When I read about Armex, a taco and kabob shack across the street from Lincoln High, my old high school in Lincoln Heights, I was so excited, I fired off an email to a couple of my favorite foodies. We made plans to check it out as soon as possible and I don’t think Armex knew what hit them.

Joining Josie of Uncouth Gourmands, AK of The Salty Lawyer and I was Missus Phyllis of Big Mista BBQ. The four of us were the only diners last Wednesday. We started off with the lule kabob nachos, the pork kabob meat quesadilla, chicken wrap and beef kabob plate. Armex also sent out their house hummus.

The hummus was incredibly garlicky. We couldn’t stop eating it until the damn thing was all gone. The fluffy pita helped.

While we were waiting, we talked to the owner Victor about the taco vs kabob mashup. He said the woman who worked for him came up with the idea but mysteriously, it doesn’t appear she’s part of the business anymore. That’s all right, we can figure it out- kabob meat in tacos, right?

lule kabob nachos

Who doesn’t love nachos? Deep fried crunchy chips with a smattering of lule kabob on top. Please note the thick ropes of sour cream in concentric circles. It was hypnotizing. The spicing on the lule kabob was subtle but good. I do have to say though I wasn’t into their guac. There’s an odd spice I couldn’t place.

lule kabob torta

pork kabob meat quesadilla

I know the LA Weekly article mentioned getting the torta with the pork kabob meat but we were foodie warriors with an appetite to try it all. We ended up with pork kabob quesadilla. We did order a torta but we were too full to eat it so it went home with AK.

This pork was incredibly tender. I do recommend perhaps asking them to cook the pork a tad bit longer as it was pink (but then you’d lose the juicyness).

chicken wrap

I’m not sure I would have ordered this if we weren’t ordering everything on the menu. I tend not to enjoy wraps. But chicken wrap was incredible. I loved the interplay of the Armenian salad mixed in with the succulent chicken. The wrap was also very nice. It wasn’t hard like the ones I’ve had in the past. I would slather on some hummus  though if you are afraid of moisture issues (and really, who’s not afraid of moisture issues?).

beef kabob plate

We started off with the fusion items and then opted to go with the more traditional. The only things we didn’t order were the tacos and burritos. We’ll have to go back.

This beef kabob was fantastic. I couldn’t stop eating the buttery and rich tasting rice. I really can’t eat plain white rice anymore. I would not be surprised if there was either lard and/or stock. But don’t quote me. Maybe Victor has a secret veg-friendly rice recipe.  The enormous chili pepper was very mild. Chopped and mixed into the rice with the roasted tomato was perfect.

Besides the above, we had another two items to go and drinks. How much did all that cost? $35! I love little hole-in-the-wall joints. You can eat so well and inexpensively.



3406 North Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90031

(323) 221-7771