Truck Battle: Heirloom Truck VS KoManna

Heirloom Truck

It’s been a while since I last wrote about food trucks. The initial frenzy to try every truck was eclipsed by the sheer number of gourmet trucks out there. After more than a  hundred trucks (some documented here), I tend now to enjoy the few I come across rather than chase the truck. There are still plenty of trucks I want to try though so this won’t be the last time I talk about food trucks.

Heirloom menu

Recently, I found myself at Silverlake Wine where they have trucks parked out front on wine tasting days (Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays). The Heirloom Truck was out one Monday and I decided wine tasting on an empty stomach wasn’t very smart. Heirloom Truck to the rescue!

lasagna cupcake

I had heard plenty of great things about their lasagna cupcakes so I knew I wanted one. They recommended the bolognese over the vegetarian cupcake for me. It’s like they knew me already.

pork loin with Brussels sprouts

My friend Joan of the Hungry, Hungry, Hungry Hippo (she’s really hungry) got the pork loin with Brussels sprouts. I had a bite and really liked the sauce.

PB&J doughnut

After the wine tasting, we were back out for dessert. It doesn’t look like much but the peanut butter and jelly doughnut (really more like a bar) was the perfect fried sugary snack we needed.

Heirloom truck is a “farm to truck” concept. When they’re out, they’re out for the night. So if you were waffling about what to order, get it because if you go back, someone may have bought the last lasagna cupcake!

Heirloom Truck


from the Berlin Wall on Wilshire

Across the street from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) are some panels from the Berlin Wall. And there also a lot of food trucks. I remember when there used to be a few closer to Museum Square and they had their altercations. Eventually most of the trucks moved closer to the museum. The 3-4 trucks grew to a record number of almost 30 trucks in one day. They line up for blocks and walking back and forth trying to decide on one is damn near impossible. Even worse, I was by myself this day so I knew I could only try one truck.


I decided to go with KoManna, a Kogi rip-off truck. Although, they may disagree with that assessment as they have quite a few traditional Korean items and less Korean-Mexican fusion fare.

kimchi fried rice with pork

Business is tough on this stretch of road. As a result, my money bought me a lot of food. The to-go container was bursting with a huge serving of kimch fried rice with pork as well as two sides; tofu and salad.

I asked someone at LACMA if she ever brought lunch to work considering the wealth of trucks nearby. I would imagine never being bored. And the answer was surprising. She said after the initial buzz, the novelty wore off. And now she started bringing lunch to work. Still, I wish more trucks would come near my office (12th & Hill!) or more days other than Fridays to FIDM.