Hot Bartender Crawl in SaMo

Last Friday, 15 women descended upon the bars around the Santa Monica promenade. You recognized us by our tiny tiaras and shiny beads. We loved all the comments we got:

“Whose birthday is it?”

“Who’s the bride?”

Or the general, “What is going on here?”

We usually responded that it’s a hot bartender crawl (aka Girls’ Night Out) but when we felt sassy, we said all of us were getting married…to the same guy! Haha!

Campanula Sour at Copa d'Oro

First up was Copa d’Oro where every bartender is hot and their drinks match the passion in their eyes. My favored drink of choice was the Campanula Sour.

I had given everyone bingo sheets and for fun, they had to seek out hipsters, hippies, marathon runners, recent vacationers, New Yorkers, musicians, Lakers fans, Celtics fans, Chicagoans, cougar bait, sugar daddies and my personal favorite, the underaged guy who snuck in with a fake ID. Oh, and hot bartenders, of course!

Bar Chloe

At Bar Chloe, we found a great bartender by the name of Cameron. He was a good sport to put up with our demands for pictures. Here he is with Bricia, the lovely lady with three drinks named after her at bars around Southern California (once I have tasted them all, I plan on a Bricia post– possibly crawl!). If you own a party bus company, give me a shout. All these hot ladies need a ride. Uh, that’s what she said? Wink, wink.

Blake at the Yard

The Yard got wind of us coming and offered my hot bartender crawlers $5 specials on anything we wanted. To get it, you just had to flash the tiny tiara which led to some random women at the bar begging for them.

My favorite drink was the cucumber martini with hints of mint. But bartender Blake also created a bourbon smash with fresh peach for me that was wonderful. It was like a julep with peach.

the Minty Fresh at Shangri-La

Some of us made an impromptu stop at the Fifth Amendment where we had to say hi to a certain hot bartender.

We stopped by Ma’kai briefly but the line was too long for some so we headed over to the Shangri-La where they had us at the pool for a while until we decided to go upstairs. I wanted to see my fave bartender there who created the Minty Fresh drink for me a couple of weeks ago (vodka, Dimmi liqueur, agave and something really yummy!).

By the end of the night, we had a bingo winner. My favorite Vixen won! We’ll have to celebrate her good fortune and word on the street is the Minty and the Vixen are collaborating on their third Sexy Singles Soiree! Stay tuned!

I can’t tell you when the next Hot Bartender Crawl is yet but it’s going to be either Hollywood or back in my stomping grounds, DTLA! Yep, the first Hot Bartender Crawl was in DTLA but I have some new bars in mind though I’ll include some old favorites as well.

In the meantime, I’m pleased to announce I have a new bar crawl theme joining the Hot Bartender Crawl and Gays and Dolls series- Craft Beer! Join me Friday, July 9 for a Craft Beer Crawl in Eagle Rock. Details here!