Cana Rum Bar

About a month back, I checked out La Descarga for the first time. Being a rum enthusiast, I was quite enchanted by the flash and pizazz of the bar. I also recently checked out Roger Room, where I fell in love with the kitschy decor and cute bartenders. It is then no surprise Cana was next up on my list. The other two bars are often compared to Cana.

Formerly the Doheny which I have gone to, I hadn’t heard too many good things about the decor. Some people may be able to drink anywhere, in whatever grimey dive they haven’t been kicked out of but with all the theme bars these days, what was Cana‘s hook? It appears virtually the same except perhaps the color scheme is slightly different.

La Floradita

Cana is a rum bar rivaling La Descarga. But unlike La Descarga, they did offer other signature non-rum cocktails or you can go with the bartender’s choice.

Honey Grapefruit Collins

A friend wasn’t feeling the rum so she asked for something light and sweet. The honey grapefruit collins she ended up with was well-received. I had just had the La Floridita the night before at Copa d’Oro and was ruminating on the differences in the cocktails. Copa’s version was definitely sweeter but where were the tiny green flecks I observed in my glass? Julian, the bartender at Cana said whatever I had couldn’t have been the classic La Floridita as it didn’t have mint in it.

I tried a few other cocktails that night, each one growing more complex and each required more thought to exactly explain the subtle qualities. Don’t go expecting something gauche like Malibu and pineapple.

A lifelong membership is only $20 and includes your first drink. I’m considering it since it’s fairly close to me and I can bring others in with my membership.  I can always do the one-two punch with dinner first at Rivera and then cocktails at Cana.

Cana Rum Bar

714 West Olympic Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90015

(213) 745-7090