Gays & Dolls Takeover DTLA

Bottega Louie

After dinner at Sugarfish, we headed over to Bottega Louie for the first stop of the Gays & Dolls in DTLA, guerrilla gay bar edition. Bottega Louie was slammed. My gay posse wouldn’t even come over. They were happily immersed at Mas Malo. Although if I had told them there were many gays I was thinking about recruiting to the party, maybe they would have come to “help.”

Mas Malo's basement lounge

Aren’t they adorable?

Mas Malo no longer has my fave Old Fashionista on the menu but they’ll still make ’em for you.

Although we took over a little corner of the upstairs bar, we couldn’t really take over.

another doll at the party

Two weeks ago, I checked out Bar | Kitchen for their new cocktails and was very pleased. BK wasn’t originally on my ultra-secret guerrilla gay bar takeover list but we headed there anyway.

Finally! We were able to take over the bar! We shut it down! Oh yeah!

Twist on a Twist at Cana

Oh wait, we shut down BK because it’s a hotel bar and they close up shop a tad early. One last stop? Sure, let’s go to Cana. I am now happy to say I’m a proud member of this rum bar. I had a Twist on a Twist, a Last Word variation (Smith & Cross, amaro, dark cherry liqueur instead of the usual gin, Chartreuse and maraschino).

We also tried a wonderful Dark and Stormy and tasted  Chartreuse VEP and also an even more killer version they lovingly refer to as the “essence.”

Perhaps this guerrilla gay bar takeover didn’t quite turn out how I imagined. Maybe we should have worn boas and tiaras but it sure was fun. Next time.

Coming soon: Hot Bartenders in Hollywood!