sugarFISH Opens in DTLA

For those who long for wonderful sushi but fear the sushi nazi, Nozawa, there’s another option- his sugarFISH restaurants. There you  could order the Trust Me specials without any fear of someone chasing you out of a restaurant because you happened to answer your cell phone, order a fusion roll or behave in other ignoble ways.

sugarFISH is casual but it doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Walking into the new Downtown Los Angeles location last week, I immediately noticed it looked different from the one in Marina del Rey. While that one feels like you’re eating in a froyo shop, this one is “nicer.” More for the DTLA business crowd.

I was invited by the restaurant for lunch. They presented us The Nozawa which normally at $32-$34 is quite the lunch!

organic edmame

We started with individual plates of organic edmame.

big eye tuna sashimi

Next came the big eye tuna sashimi. The fish was super fresh.

salmon & albacore nigiri

Out next were the salmon and albacore nigiri sushi. I love salmon more than albacore but in this instance, I preferred the albacore more. The fish was a bit more flavorful which is almost incredulous since I love salmon for its clean fatty tasting quality.


The sesame gave it an interesting crunch.

Yellowtail & Hailbut


I don’t think I’ve seen such pink yellowtail before but it was so amazing. I loved the color, like an inside of a delicate seashell. The fish again, is very fresh. The halibut really didn’t need the ponzu sauce but it enhanced the great fish. I could tell this yuzu was fresh and not out of a factory bottle.

toro handroll

blue crab roll

What I really  love about sugarFISH is the warm rice. Once you have sushi with warm rice, you’ll never want it any other way again. This is probably why I hate take-out or supermarket sushi (er, not that I really eat that…anymore).

sugarFISH will be open for lunch and dinner every day of the week.

600 W 7th Street Los Angeles, CA 90017 – (213) 627-3000

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