Cell Phone Camera Blogging

Greens at Phoenix Cafe

One day I was caught without my camera. My brother and I were just at the gym and I wasn’t carrying my purse. I just had a cell phone, money and ID in my pocket. I found myself at Phoenix for dinner and thought I’d snap a few pictures for Twitter prosperity. I mean, I don’t have to blog every meal, right?

Singapore Noodles

Then I started thinking about all the bloggers who rely on cell phone pictures alone. No fancy macro, to hell with the light, little regard for art, what is white balance, bokeh and the like. It was just about the food and what they thought. The pictures were little more than evidence they actually went to the restaurant. Can I do it too? Will people still read the Minty if I relied on cell phone pictures? Probably not?

One day, I was talking to someone who I thought had a fancy camera (you know those DSLR types) but he was using his Blackberry and seemed surprised I asked. Apparently he had given up his fancy camera  and was going to non-digital soon.

Last year, Eater talks about the sins of food blogging. Some are pretty funny (I hate flash!) but seriously, no tweeting during dinner? Really!? Oh, and they’re anti-cell phone pics.

tomato fish with rice

I’m going to have to say after enjoying my new Canon these last few months, these pictures are pretty awful. But it doesn’t diminish the fact it was a decent meal. I liked the snap of the greens. Maybe the noodles were a tad dry and the slightly sweet fish in the tomato fish dish could have been a bigger portion but overall, it was a fine meal. This was the simple meal I needed after a session at the gym. Damnit, I wasn’t going to blog this meal!

Then there are the people who take pictures of their meals who do it only for the pleasure of remembering what they ate. They may never blog the meal. They’re not bloggers. And if you ask them, the pictures are strictly for them.

Some other people who have gone cell cam:

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David Lebovitz talks about food blogging and a bit about cameras, even cell phone pictures (he seems to be a fan of iPhones)  in this post.

There’s a certain speediness to using cell phone pictures. Sure, you can edit photos with a variety of apps on smart phones like iPhones but if you’re going from cell to blog, you can get it out within minutes of eating your meal. For the most part, I take photos on my regular camera and “edit.” If it photos were taken in great light (i.e. natural daylight), I rarely edit my photos. But even with my nifty new camera, it takes some time to sort through the ones I took in dark or dim restaurants. I don’t use photoshop but a program attached to flickr where I first upload the photos. I am trying to take fewer shots (my first is usually the best anyway) but it’s rare when I take less than 30 pictures of one meal (unless it’s just of one item!). Then I do a little levels work and saturate my photos with more color. I want it to be as vivid as I remembered it.

I suppose that’s why as an artist, I cringe a bit at the weird color of these cell phone pics. I highly doubt I’ll do this again so I’ll leave cell phone pics to those with better cell phone cameras!

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