Pop! Goes the Weasel


Pop Champagne Bar offers happy hour every Tuesday through Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. The beginning bites is 20% off and $4 draft beer (Miller High Life for $3), bellinis and mimosas. Selected glasses of wine are $5.

truffle butter for bread

When we asked for bread for the table, they sent out a nice truffle butter with pretty salt.

brie toast with chardonnay soaked raisins

I should have probably taken a look at the menu before heading over. I usually do research the hell out of a place before going to a new restaurant. I’ve heard mostly good things though and trusted my good friend Vixen when she set up this happy hour. A girl friend told me to get the chardonnay soaked raisins thing. But when I actually got it, I found it too cloyingly sweet. I had half of the bruschetta and the rest of them sat on the table until I badgered my group to eat the rest.

deviled eggs

The three deviled eggs were all different. One was topped with bacon, one had bleu cheese underneath the filling and the other seemed to have bleu cheese on top. Er, were they really different?

popcorn chicken

Next up was the popcorn chicken. My group didn’t seem to like this very much. I didn’t mind it but felt it was definitely more batter than chicken.

wild mushroom and goat cheese bruschetta

I definitely liked this bruschetta better but I love mushrooms. This is normally $6. At 20% off, I didn’t think three pieces of bruschetta were worth almost $5. We were starting to realize our folly.


I ordered a salad off the regular menu because I could see I wasn’t going to be full from our beginning bites and I wasn’t willing to commit to a full dinner. This market salad was $7 and came with chicken as well as lots of dates.

souffle du jour

A friend ordered this for the table and I had a bite though I was still working on my salad. More friends had arrived at this point and they ordered dinner.

I liked the space and perhaps I’d come back for champagne, wine, dinner or dessert. But for happy hour, 20% off was a bust. We really felt it should have been 50% off as happy hours are supposed to be a deal.

Pop Champagne and Desserts Bar

33 East Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 795-1295