Hedwig Night in West LA: Sawtelle Kitchen & Cafe Dahab

Hedwig pinata

Rainbow Carnage does a live midnight shadow cast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch twice a year. A couple of weeks ago, they did a show at the NuArt. I have lost count how many times I’ve gone to see Hedwig. I’ve seen it onstage 3 times and the shadowcast countless times. It is my favorite movie. I think it covers the gamut of human emotions. To understand the Minty, you have to watch this film.


This is one of my favorite Hedwig looks. She’s so gorgeous.

Before the midnight show, my usual game plan includes dinner on Sawtelle. This time, we chose the Sawtelle Kitchen. The three of us all ordered curry.

lotus and soybeans

I was hugely disappointed in this lotus root appetizer. It just felt like it was sitting in soy sauce.

tofu curry

seafood curry

lamb shank curry

I don’t know why I expected a “better” dish considering my fancy lamb shank curry. But I did. This curry had too many ground bone bits in it. Although they claimed to have braised the lamb for hours, it wasn’t very flavorful. I was a bit sad about this meal. I have too many wonderful meals. Perhaps this one would have fared better if I’m used to eating less mind-blowing meals.

No, wait, I know good curry. And it’s up the street at Hurry Curry of Tokyo. They may not have 15 different curries on the menu but they do their food very well.

mint tea

After dinner, we checked out the Alias Books then stopped in to Cafe Dahab for dessert. I had to order the mint tea. Get it? Mint tea. Okay, I’m a dork.

rice pudding

I fully blame the glare of endless Middle Eastern videos for this poorly lit photo. You may think this is pistachio flavored but it is in face rice pudding. It was okay. It’s no Lazy Ox Canteen’s rice pudding!

When the next shadow cast show comes along, I’ll have to come up with a better dinner plan. Perhaps a return to Orris is in order.