Favorite Summer Activities: Hollywood Bowl

One of my favorite summer activities is going to the Hollywood Bowl. Last week, I invited friends for an evening out. F for Food, mastermind of Dinner of 8, created us a gorgeous summer picnic meal.

4 people, 5 bottles of wine

A friend made brownies and although I didn’t request everyone bring wine, every one did.  We ended up with 5 bottles of wine…for four people.

I had stopped by DomaineLA on my way to the Bowl and Jill recommended Le Telquel to go with our fried chicken, deviled eggs and pasta salad.The wine was earthy and very nuanced.

deviled eggs

corn meal crusted fried chicken

black garlic pasta salad

I had read about black garlic recently and was surprised to find how sweet it was. Not candy sweet but definitely not as spicy as white garlic. I wonder how it’d fare with garlic mashed potatoes? Actually, I see it more with Korean food which would make a bit of sense since it seems to have originated from there.

I’m back to the Bowl this coming Saturday for RENT, my all-time favorite musical. I can’t wait!


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