Radio Room Returns to the Edison

Alchemy & Absinthe acrobat

Last Tuesday saw the return of Radio Room to the Edison. Radio Room is a special series at the Edison that had taken a year-long hiatus. The evenings would feature guest bartenders and this last one also had entertainment from Alchemy & Absinthe whose acrobats took to the ceilings of the gorgeous bar.

Scott Baird and Alex Straus

The guest bartenders were Josh Harris and Scott Baird from the Bon Vivants in San Francisco. Joining them was their LA Ambassador, Alex Straus. For a great interview with the Bon Vivants, check out the Foodie Chap. For my recent SF bar adventures, here’s my last tour post which includes 15 Romolo where both Josh and Scott have worked.

Green Betty by Alex Straus

Idiot Savant by Alex Straus

I’m familiar with Alex from his Shangri-La days. I still haven’t been to Hemingway’s where he works now but some day soon. Jennie from the Happy Hour Tour joined me in tasting the cocktails and sampling the food from guest chef Chris L’Hommedieu (Chef de Cuisine, Michael Mina).

Green Betty:– Tanqueray 10, Green Chartreuse, Cocchi Americano, Manzanilla Sherry, grapefruit bitters
Idiot Savant – Gran Sierpe pisco, Leopold Bros. New York Sour Apple, Benedictine, lemon, carbonated pickled grape

I really enjoyed the Green Betty which Alex said was his favorite of the two. Most though went with the Idiot Savant which was very refreshing. I loved the carbonated pickled grape.

Michael Mina's Signature Caviar Parfait

Fava Bean Falafel

We ordered all the guest Chef Chris’ food except for duck proscuitto. The signature caviar parfait was great but a wee bit small to share between three hungry girls. The Fava Bean Falafel featured a piece of lamb topped with the falafel.

Blind Samurai by Josh Harris

Black Daiquiri by Josh Harris

Next we tried a pair of drinks from Josh Harris of the Bon Vivants.

Blind Samurai – Yamazaki 12-Year-Old, Amaro Nonino, Angostura and Orange Bitters
Black Daiquiri – Pampero Aniversario, Averna, lime, coffee tincture

The Black Daiquiri turned out to be the popular one of the two though again my fave wasn’t the crowd’s pick. I really liked the Blind Samurai but then again I like Yamazaki and Nonino.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras Terrine

marinated hamachi crudo

Oh boy, this foie gras terrine disappeared faster than you could say “fwah…” After we realized we were still hungry, we ordered the hamachi crudo as well. I liked the sea beans and the jalepeno vinaigrette but we couldn’t figure out what the white pieces were. Cheese?

Telenovela by Scott Baird

Big Six by Scott Baird

The other Bon Vivant from SF, Scott Baird, introduced the crowd to the Telenovela and the Big Six.

Telenovela –  Tequila Ocho Reposado 2009 Rancho Las Pomez, Amontillado Sherry, mango, lime, red Fresno, spiced coconut foam
Big Six – George Dickel No. 12, Gran Classico Bitter, homemade toasted corn root beer, lime

Others who had the Telenovela earlier in the night warned me not to stir the foam into the cocktail. I was rather dubious of it altogether as I don’t like coconut. Well, I take that back. I don’t like grated dried coconut. And I can deal with coconut flavored things. I thought I was in the clear with the description stating “foam.” Aw man, there’s shredded coconut on my drink! But I took it in stride and definitely didn’t eat those pieces. But I can see others loving it and wishing for a spoon to get all of it.

My group naturally liked the Big Six which was extremely easy sippin’. The homemade toasted corn root beer was a treat.

20th Century Sliders

The Original Lobster Roll

My friends were still hungry so we ordered a big thing of fries (not shown), sliders and a lobster roll. I didn’t taste the last two but had handfuls of fries. They were just addicting and a bit spicy.

Keep an eye on the Edison’s website to see when the next Radio Room will be.

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