Santa Monica Nights: The Yard

L.A. Ride

The first time I was ever at the Yard, it was some hugely too-crowded event and I never got a chance to taste the food from Top Chef CJ. I barely got any drinks and decided I would have to return. And return I did. I put it on my Hot Bartender Crawl in Santa Monica where the ladies went crazy for Blake (my goodness, his picture was stolen from the Minty and put on other sites!). Over the months, Blake has gotten to know my cocktail taste and most recently I ran into him at Michael’s in Santa Monica where he was guest-bartended (post coming soon!) and also at the Playa preview.

crispy pig's ear

By coincidence, I was planning on going to the Yard after Joyce DiDonato’s opera recital at the Broad Stage. I knew we didn’t have time for dinner before hand and figured the late night menu at the Yard would do the trick. We were waylaid by the regular menu though. All these tasty-sounding things!

duck confit with long beans and apples

We started off with a couple of Gold Rushes (bourbon, honey, lemon) and dug into our crispy pig’s ear appetizer. The couple next to us appeared to be on a (first?) date and the girl inquired about our ears. Well, the piggy ears. She said they looked good but she’ll have to work up to something like that. Having had pig’s ear all over the place, I assured her these were great- not greasy, very crispy and such a generous portion.

fried chicken with collard greens and corn bread

Next up was the crispy duck confit. While I appreciated the long strands of long beans, I secretly wished they had been cut to bite-sized lengths. Have you ever seen a woman try to cram a long…oh boy, never mind that. Just trim the beans, please?

The fried chicken was fried perfectly. Such amazing skin. I had a tiny piece for those closely reading this blog and exclaiming, “but the Minty doesn’t eat skin!” I did just eat a bunch of pig’s ears! My food issues make no sense.

Gold Rush

While enjoying my second cocktail, the L.A. Ride (a Blake cocktail inspired by a whiskey sour and Manhattan), the Yard sent out these amazing sweet potato doughnuts.

sweet potato doughnuts

These things were big! Like real old-fashioned doughnuts. They came with a chocolate dipping sauce that you almost didn’t need but felt compelled to pour over or dip your way to a very sweet ending.

The Yard

119 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 395-6037