The Taste: Burgers & Beer

The Taste: Burgers & Beer

Last Friday’s The Taste opened with Burgers & Beer. I originally wasn’t going to go to this event but the more I read and heard about it, the more interesting it sounded. All right, bring on the 30+ burgers!

Ford's Filling Station

I wanted to make a full circuit around before deciding on what to eat. If I have learned anything from food crawls, you don’t eat everything. So I took some pictures including the lamb burgers at Ford’s Filling Station and moved on. I promised myself I’d be back.


I only made it as far as STK which was next door. It was a short ribs slider with roasted corn. I wasn’t too sure about that sour cream on it.

Westside Tavern

Then I popped next door to snap pics of the Westside Tavern sliders, trying to remind myself to keep taking pictures before eating. Didn’t happen. I totally ate this mini-cheese burger.

The Misfit

The Misfit had a pretty standard burger (being grass-fed beef) but the most interesting choice of bun. I do have to say though I hope you like your burgers on the rarer side. Some booths were really slinging these out.

Ilan Hall of the Gorbals

Ilan Hall of the Gorbals presented a burger with onions six ways- onion marmalade, caramelized onions, grilled onion steak, pickled red onion, crispy shallots, green onion mayonnaise.

The Spice Table

The Spice Table cut sliders in half for the crowds- smart since you could only eat so much. Their burger had Kraft American cheese which I thought was funny. But there were also curried pickled cucumber, sambal and fried shallots.

The Yard

The Yard presented a chorizo burger with red cabbage and guacamole. It was a nice change in pace after all the beef I was eating.

Casey Lane and Francois Renaud of The Tasting Kitchen

Then I spotted Francois Renaud over at the Tasting Kitchen booth. He and Chef/Owner Casey Lane were serving up burgers with epoisse cheese. Oh, it was my favorite burger of the night and did me in. I ate the entire thing!

The Tasting Kitchen

What a beautiful burger. They would grill and then add some cheese which instantly melted. I liked they were handing out cornichons as well.

Rosewood- chicken wing!

I was happy to see Rosewood and Mercantile were doing other food in addition to burgers. I got a chicken wing from Rosewood.

And then I couldn’t eat the rest of the night. I went through only one of the two tents before I had to stop. I didn’t have any beer, barely any wine…I just couldn’t eat anymore. But let’s look at some more pictures.


BLD brought a pretty good looking burger.

Rustic Canyon- winning burger

People voted for their favorite burger and Rustic Canyon won. I now regret not trying it but will have to go to the restaurant soon.


An hour went by and I was finally convinced I could eat a tiny bit more. I chose the best display of the night- Delphine’s mini burgers on a stick. Food on a stick is always good!

Waterloo & City: chicken liver mousse with IPA jelly

I was literally leaving when everyone stopped me and said, “did you try Waterloo & City’s chicken liver?” No? “OMG, you have to go. NOW!” Okay, okay, off I went and it was my last luscious bite of the night. I couldn’t even make it over to the Art of Mixology which I was planning on. I was just too stuffed. This event was so much fun seeing everyone and the perfect, casual kick-off to the grand festival.