Back to Waterloo & City

About a month ago, I tried out more items from Waterloo & City. Although I thought my first meal there was fine, I left feeling vaguely unsatisfied. Where was the pizazz everyone’s been buzzing about?

shepard's pie

I found it in the Shepard’s pie. Going back to my love of ground meat, this was a hearty dish lightened with some veggies (aren’t they cute?).

shrimp stuffed fried squash blossoms

The squash blossom stuffed with shrimp were my new favorite appetizer. I could have eaten all three by myself.

burrata, ham and nectarines

truffle fries

I can see why my friends are into Waterloo & City’s happy hour if they serve truffle fries. The burrata dish was beautiful.

Caesar salad

rabbit trenne

Hey, we’re getting somewhere here. The Caesar salad was so visually interesting. And though I don’t (or try very hard not to) eat rabbit, the trenne looked good as well.

gnocchi & clams

brussels sprouts

I also got to taste the gnocchi and clams as well as some Brussels sprouts.

Service was kind of wacky (though not unkind), it’s too far for happy hour, the drinks were watery and dear god, don’t order the Picadilly martini,  it’s loud and busy but somehow I’m willing to go back…if I was nearby.

Waterloo & City

12517 Washington Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90066

(310) 391-4222