Culver City: The Corner Door

Bar Manager Beau at the Corner Door

I recently checked out The Corner Door in Culver City. Washington Boulevard in Culver City is rapidly becoming the next Restaurant Row with nearby Waterloo & City and A-Frame.  The cozy space is dominated by the large bar. We put in our names for a table but soon found seats at the bar and decided to have a bite there.

Kushi Oysters


I can’t pass up oysters whenever I see them and Kushi oysters are a favorite of mine. We got a half dozen to go with our opening drinks. I decided to try a Dutch Prison and my friend had a white wine.

French 75


Later she opted for Corner Door’s spin on the classic cocktail, the French 75 (gin, lemon, Lillet Rose, sugar, peach bitters, Prosecco). I thought it was very pretty in the coupe glass and absolutely refreshing during this hot summer evening.

Dutch Prison


I had met bar manager Beau du Bois when he was at MB Post and he created the list for Corner Door. It is comprised of 10 cocktails, 5 each of classics and originals. I tend to order the originals from the bar first and as mentioned had decided on the Dutch Prison. I love it when a bartender’s eyes light up when they hear your order. The Dutch Prison (arrack, curacao, lemon cordial, peach, black tea, cinnamon) had caught my eye because it was Arrack-based and also because I like this tea in cocktails trend. It was very balanced and went well with the oysters I was having.

Miner Incident


Next I tried the Miner Incident (bourbon, apricot, lemon, honey, Thai chilies). This was Beau’s twist on the classic cocktail, the Gold Rush. Although spicy, it was thirst-quenching. This is the sort of cocktail you could have 5 of quite easily without even thinking about about what else you would like.

asparagus with fried egg


For our egg and asparagus salad, we started thinking about more substantial drinks. I was eying the Fortune & Glory (gin, orange, cantaloupe, absinthe, orgeat) or  Mezcallin (mezcal, lemon, ginger, pineapple gomme). While deciding, Beau slipped me a bit of the Fortune & Glory and I loved it. It’s something I’ll have to get next time. I ended up trying the Louisiana Regular (rye, Benedictine, grapefruit cordial, Peychaud’s bitters, absinthe) which is like a cross between all of New Orleans’ finest drinks- Sazarac and Vieux Carre.


Louisiana Regular



I finished up with the Mezcallin. I really liked all the original cocktails which I felt were very revitalizing in the middle of our summer heatwave.  But because our weather is so moderate year round, these drinks would be great any time. Even the “old man drink” sounding Louisiana Regular was refreshing.

Now to go back to have the Fortune & Glory…

The Corner Door

12477 W Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066 — (310) 313-5810
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