LA Lady Bartenders Do Brunch at Eveleigh

Spritz de Provence

A couple weeks after Tales of the Cocktail, I joined a gathering of LA lady bartenders for brunch at Eveleigh. It was an informal gathering, nothing like our LUPEC meetings. Just a gathering of friends enjoying the day and the fabulous food and cocktails at Eveleigh. We joked whether boys would crash this party and one did. How brave of him.

We were welcomed with the Spritz de Provence (gin, lavender, Ferigoule, Cocchi Americano, lemon, soda), a cocktail by Eveleigh bartender Kiowa Bryan. The drink was dominated by herbal notes of the lavender and Ferigoule- a thyme liqueur. It was not sweet which was perfect for this bunch.

avocado toast with boiled eggs gribiche, espelette pepper

We started brunch with Eveleigh’s peach bread and avocado bread. The avocado bread was an immediate hit with me. It was simply whipped avocado with espelette pepper on toast you can then top with soft boiled eggs. What a simple and filling idea. But it didn’t end there.

baked eggs


I thought we would get to pick our main from a choice of hot cakes, market salad with fried egg, baked eggs or “bubble and squeak” but it came out family style so we got a chance to try a little of everything.

bubble and squeak


The corned beef in the Bubble & Squeak was slightly tart from the mustard vinaigrette they used. I loved it because this is the sort of thing I would make for myself. I also really liked the use of eggs in all the dishes. The baked eggs were particularly great with Bloomsdale spinache, maitake mushrooms, goat curd and a bit of onion.

Cynar julep


It was time for another cocktail. I opted for the Cynar Julep to keep to the simple and refreshing theme. With Cynar, grapefruit juice and mint, this is my new favorite julep variation. And I do so love my bourbon juleps.

lots of bacon


I think I heard many a sigh when the plates of bacon came out. Perfectly crisp, not greasy…I wondered if I should have saved my avocado toast from earlier to make an insane sandwich.

hot cakes with peaches


Who needs dessert when you have hot cakes with fresh poached peaches? I also liked the honeycomb butter and bay leaf maple syrup. There goes those herbal notes again.

Negroni Squared


Finishing up the brunch, I had the Negroni Squared which is two different gins, two types of bitters, two vermouths and garnished with a satsuma leaf and slice of radish. I have to admit, I removed the radish because the pungent smell was a bit overwhelming. But I love Negronis and this was a very well-made one.

There were a couple of other cocktails I didn’t get to try. More reason to go back, right? For those who like sweeter drinks, they may have liked the Mexican Iced Coffee (Fortaleza reposado tequila, Cio Ciaro, Liqueur 43, cayenne, cinnamon, bitters) or the Safe Word (Fortaleza blanco tequila, cacao nibs, coconut, dates, almond mild). The Safe Word was essentially a boozy smoothie. And we like those.



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