Little Tokyo: Return to Honda-Ya

housemade tofu

I recently went back to local favorite Honda-Ya.

Although it was just the two of us, we ended up getting a bunch of dishes. Or more specifically, I ordered way too many dishes. But in my defense, everything is so reasonably priced, the menu is massive and I just wanted to try everything.

fried cheese wontons


My friend ordered the housemade tofu, fried cheese wontons and the eggplant. I liked the tofu but I pretty much like all forms of tofu except fried. This tofu was very silky. The eggplant was all right. I didn’t try the cheese wontons.




I had to have a couple of skewers. The skewer station was backed up though and these took a while to arrive. Still, it was worth it for the okra. And the chicken wings.

lamb chops and chicken gizzards


I didn’t eed the lamb chops and chicken gizzards but they’re always good. I also had the garlic greens again (not shown). I think this will be one of my must-orders.



Honda-ya is an izakaya so they serve many small dishes but also sushi. I gave it a whirl. The fish was sliced a bit too thin for my taste but the fish itself is fairly fresh. I prefer Sushi Go 55 more for their sushi.

pickles for porridge


To finish our meal, I ordered the seafood zosui (porridge). I probably should have gotten the chicken as I poked around the mysterious bits of seafood. The texture sometimes of the fish and shellfish was a bit off putting at times– though I must state it didn’t taste bad. I happen to think of porridge as one of the most comforting meals and though not exciting, chicken or even just pork would have been just tine. I did love the pickles that came with the zosui.

seafood porridge


Next time I will get the greens and the chicken porridge! And maybe some skewers. And maybe… well, I’ll be back anyway.

Honda-Ya Izakaya

333 S Alameda, Ste 314, Los Angeles, CA 90013 – (213) 625-1184
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