Manhattan Beach: Cocktails at MB Post

I was invited to check out drinks and dinner at Manhattan Beach Post last week. I’ll cover the fabulous food of Chef David LeFevre in another post soon.

I thought it was so neat MB Post has put their own spin on classic cocktails. Currently there are 10 on the menu. We also tried a couple of cocktails they are currently perfecting.


Manhattan Avenue


The Manhattan Avenue is MB Post’s variation of the classic Manhattan. Made with Sazerac rye, vanilla, caramel and a little bacon dust, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I was wary of the vanilla and caramel but it wasn’t too sweet and mellowed out the bite of the rye. The bacon dust isn’t overwhelming at all and was a nice counterpoint.


The Mo-Pho-Jito is based on a classic mojito. MB Post’s version has Starr rum, kaffir lime, mint, ginger and coriander honey. I really loved the combination of the aromatics and honey. Although it’s a tall drink, it’s not one of those “dangerous” drinks. You could easily sample another cocktail.

Avila's Heir

Next up was the margarita called Avila’s Heir. Made with Corralejo Reposado tequila, serrano chile, mandarin and yuzu, I thought this was the perfect cocktail with some of the food we were having.

Blister in the Sun

Based on a daiquiri, the Blister in the Sun, with English Harbour rum, peach rosemary and coconut was very light for me. I also tasted of lot of pineapple in this drink. You could imagine being on a beach with this cocktail. Just sub the rosemary for a little umbrella.


The classic Corpse Reviver comes back from the past as the Dirge with Old Raj gin, Lillet, lemon and absinthe. I thought the “dirty” lemon twist was a nice touch on this wake-up-the-dead cocktail.

Old George

Old George is MB Post’s version of a Salty Dog. The cocktail comes with Chopin vodka, grapefruit, basil, raspberry and pepper jam. I loved the pink peppercorns! It’s such a gorgeous drink.

Landing Strip

When I first saw this cocktail, I immediately knew this had to be the variation of an Aviation. The  purple-gray cocktail is called the Landing Strip. With Hendricks gin, Creme de Violet and the candied orange made a stunning garnish. This left me wondering why Hendricks is so good! And also what else could Creme de Violet be used for? Then again, Aviations by any name they go by are hard to improve upon. We are cleared for landing, Captain.

Sun Also Rises

This Blood and Sand variation, Sun Also Rises, was one of the more interesting twists I’ve seen. the Compass Box ‘Oak Cross’  Scotch is mixed with rhubarb and blood orange. A classic B&S cocktail would contain Cherry Herring. The rhubarb made this cocktail a lot lighter. Another winner in my book.

Day of the Dead

Of all the cocktails, the Spanish Fly was unfamiliar to  me. So MB Post’s version, the Day of the Dead, seemed very original. I searched for the classic recipe but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive one. MB Post includes Fortaleza silver tequila, Amaretto, lemon and sage in their Day of the Dead. I really enjoyed this one and the sage kept it classy rather than too girlie.

Festering Borough

On the other hand, the Festering Borough, despite its name, came out looking awfully sweet looking. The New York sour variation with Eagle Rare bourbon, lemon, cinnamon, Framboise and egg proved to be indeed sweet. As a whiskey drinker, I preferred the Manhattan Avenue or maybe just the Eagle Rare on the rocks!

Southern Hospitality

I was however very enthusiastic about the Eagle Rare bourbon punch, Southern Hospitality. The grilled peaches, vanilla bean and cinnamon are soaked with a piece of charred white oak for three days.

Virgil's Ascent

This Negroni spin, Virgil’s Ascent, features Hendrick’s gin, Aperol, pomegranate seeds and orange clove nectar.

MB Post Bartenders

I’m so happy there’s this new craft cocktail spot in Manhattan Beach! The bartenders are very friendly and it’s a great spot to grab a bite as well.

Stay tuned for Part II of MB Post in the next few days.

Manhattan Beach Post

1142 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-5405