Weekend Brunching with Manhattan Beach Post

Coughlin’s Law

After the first LA Fried Chicken Festival, I really was jonesing to go to MB Post to have more of the delicious fried chicken. It took a while to get it together but I finally made it over to Manhattan Beach to get my chicken on.  What’s brunch without some morning libations? We started with some delicious cocktails.

Coughlin’s Law – a Red Eye with Tito’s vodka, Belgian pilsner, tomato, dill, picante, quail egg

Sutter’s Mill– a Gold Rush with Comb 9, strawberry, lemon, chamomile honey


Originally I intended to just get the fried chicken but this turned into a brunch sampling. Which is quite perfect for a lazy weekend morning. It’s a good thing I parked several blocks away to “work it off” (though there is a parking structure behind MB Post).

turkey sausage


We got the bacon and the turkey sausage. I was particularly interested in the turkey sausage for the Tuscan kale but really, go for the bacon. It’s easier to share and well, it’s bacon. Everyone loves bacon, right. Especially crispy bacon.

eggs benedict


And then there’s the Eggs Benedict. You know how much I loved the bacon cheddar biscuit when I first tried it? Now imagine that topped with egg, proscuitto  and Hollandaise sauce. Ahhhhh. Ummmm. Argghhh. Yeah, there was a lot of noise making when this baby came out. It’s worth it. Get this dish.

cut egg from the bennie


I mean c’mon, look at that perfectly poached egg with the gently oozing yolk.



For those who want a little more Latin flair, we got you. The chimichanga with scrambled eggs, chorizo spiced pork, pepperjack cheese, cubed yam and Jimmy’s mom’s salsa verde was surprisingly light and tasted “healthy” to me. It must have been the yam. No seriously, I think this would be great before your run on the beach because as much as I loved the eggs bennie, I wanted to curl up with a good book after and maybe another cocktail.

The chimichanga is like an energy boosting breakfast.

truffle honey laced fried chicken


But what did we really come here for? Fried chicken! Yes! I finally got to really enjoy this chicken. Yes, I really liked it at the Fried Chicken Fest but I had other fried chicken pieces to contend with and didn’t get to concentrate the love so much.

MB Post’s fried chicken has super crispy skin despite a little drizzle of honey on the skin. And yes, I did eat a bit of the skin despite my general no-skin thing (gimme a break, I can’t eat that much saturate fat!). I thought the kohlrabi slaw was different yet familiar enough. It had a nice crunch to it.

Sutter’s Mill

sticky bun


And do we have room for “dessert.” Sure! How about the sticky bun from the breads and sweets list. Although I was eying the roasted apple hand pie. Hand pies are so popular these days. But I’m glad we got the sticky bun. To be honest, I didn’t think much of the words “sticky bun.” I suppose because I never had such a good one before. It had nice pieces of pecans, a lot of brown sugar and I’m sure the glossiness comes from wonderful butter (see, no skin for me means I can eat more butter without the guilt…um, yeah).  More noises ensued along the lines of “mmmm….mmmmm…Mmmm…Mmm…”

I’m ready for brunch again.


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