Manhattan Beach: Chicken Pot Pie and Other Favorites at MB Post

chicken pot pie

chicken pot pie


If there was ever a restaurant I’d like to be closer to or can move it say, Downtown… it would be MB Post. I may have talked about this a time or two but I really believe it.

I recently went back to check out the new cocktails and couldn’t resist ordering half the menu. The chicken pot pie is a must four the cooler evenings at the beach or anytime you need some food cuddling.

cous cous

pomegranate couscous


MB Post does an excellent job with lighter dishes as well. The pomegranate couscous was a favorite of the table. I loved that each bite had a little bit of lavender feta, Marcona almonds, grapefruit and everything was furthered brightened up with a bit of mint.

lamb neck

lamb neck


That evening we chose one of the specials, the braised lamb neck for our meat dish. The semolina gnocchi were amazing. When you find a place that does fluffy gnocchi, it’s so hard to go back to heavier than rocks gnocchi. The lamb was perfectly braised and

loup de mer

loup de mer


Every now and then I think about the phrase, “nice piece of fish.” The loup de mer would be the photo to go with that phrase. For a simple dinner, you can’t go wrong with this nice piece of fish.

Japanese pumpkin ravioli

Japanese pumpkin ravioli


I have a special fondness for ravioli. I view them as Italian dumplings. One of my favorite fillings is pumpkin. I really enjoyed MB Post’s version with Japanese pumpkin (kabocha) though the flavor profile was still classically Italian with sage and butter.


seafood risotto


The delicate seafood risotto was another winner. I ate the fresh pea tendrils though they could have been a decorative garnish. I like the extension of the peas theme with the tendrils.



blueberry cheesecake


Dessert should never sound healthy but those who want to keep their beach bodies may think the blueberry cheesecake could be the answer. I’m not going to say anything but ahhh. With lavender, Meyer lemon and graham cracker streusel, all you can say it’s delicious.

apple pie

soft serve with apple pie filling


Cinnamon soft serve with apple pie filling is basically what I’d imagine summer is — softly scented with apples. There’s also oatmeal brown butter crumble making this a toothsome dessert.

chocolate tart

chocolate and salted caramel tart


There’s something amazing about chocolate and salted caramel together. This simple tart was my favorite of the three desserts we tried this night.

And don’t forget about the drinks!


Manhattan Beach Post

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