Hollywood: Sausages at Gorge

rotating pie display turned sausage display

I was recently invited to sausage heaven, Gorge on Sunset. Everyone was talking about the housemade sausages which I found spinning in the old fashioned pie display by the front door. It was a meat eater’s dream come true.

Gorge Sausage


Behold! The Gorge sausage. The Toulouse-style pork sausage had a great sear and it rapidly disappeared. I was eying the beer sausage as well but it was served cold. I think that would have been a good option to start with…and end with more sausage if that’s your thing. And who doesn’t like sausage (insert breathy Marilyn Monroe voice here).



But let’s back up to the cheese we started out with. Gorge is very generous with their cheese but sadly no olives. I would have also liked some cornichons as well.

smoked oyster mousse


I was immediately drawn to the smoked oyster mousse. If you love the bivalves, then you will love this intensely flavored mousse. However, I learned I like gulping them down whole. I appreciated the flavors though. It was like oyster butter for your bread.

frisee salad


The best part about the salad was not the poached egg (though that was good) but the fantastic dressing. You have to mix up the salad to get to the savory dressing on the bottom. With fresh greens, the oozing yolk and the bacon dressing, this was a great salad.

pig ear tartine


But my favorite dish of the night was the pig ear tartine. It was wholly unexpected looking. I was expecting some sort of layered dish but this looked more like bone marrow (not actually bone) filled with delicious bits of pork, mushroom duxelle and topped with shaved black truffles and Parmesano reggiano. The delivery system to my mouth was a hunk of bread hollowed out to hold pig ear. I’m not much of a bread person but let’s have another baguette!

Duck sausage

We went gaga over the mashed potatoes served with duck sausage. When we asked Chef Elia about the taters, she replied it was a simple recipe. Ah, simple is best.

chocolate orange

There is only one dessert at Gorge but it comes in many flavors. The St. Honore is named after the Saint of Pastries (there’s a saint for pastries?!). This is basically a cream puff but what’s not so basic is how decadent it is. Gorge tops their choux puffs with baby cream puffs and  macarons and plenty of whipped cream.



My friend got the chocolate orange and I had the pistachio though we shared. I normally choose chocolate as my ultimate dessert but pistachio trumps all when I see it. I had to have the pistachio and I wasn’t disappointed. I also am not much a sweets girl so this not too-sweet dessert was perfect before we wandered into the night. The Sunset Strip was oddly quiet that night. It was the night of the elections and the celebrations were to come.



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