Jitlada Update- Stay Southern

By now, most people know to go to Jitlada for the Southern Thai dishes on the back two pages of the menu. There you’ll find flavor country. I was at Jitlada a couple of weeks ago with some of the gay posse who had never been there before. We ordered some of my faves; morning glory salad, mussels and a couple of new dishes.

soft shell crab pumpkin curry

The soft shell crab pumpkin curry was great. I had asked for everything mild though just to be on the safe side. I’ve still not quite recovered from the fire in my mouth from the first time I tried out Jitlada.

We were jonesing for some noodles. I wasn’t really into the noodles I had last time at Jitlada and we made the mistake off venturing off the Southern Thai menu.

rad na Jitlada

The Rad Na Jitlada is a seafood rice noodles dish. It came to us with very little noodles, a ton of brown gravy and some seafood. I was sad. The gay boyfriends were sad. They asked me why did I lead them astray.

Lesson learned? Stay Southern, y’all.


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