Jitlada: Can you handle the spice?

Morning Glory Salad

If you read my original Jitlada post, you would know that I’m not a huge spice queen. I like just a little bit but otherwise, I can be a wimpy crybaby. Still, it was a hauntingly beautiful meal and I couldn’t wait to try it again. We ordered some of the same dishes I had before along with some I wanted to try.

mussels soup

We ordered everything mild and perhaps Jazz, the charming owner of Jitlada took pity on us and actually told them to make everything mild. I was a tiny bit sad but ultimately happy I was sweating up a storm. As it was, I would get a big whallop of spice and flavor and drank approximately 40 cups of water along with my much appreciated Thai Iced Tea.

blue crab green papaya salad

crying tiger beef

We started off with the crispy morning glory salad, the blue crab green papaya salad and the mussels soup. I’ve had these before and they are definitely some of my favorite dishes. Give me just the mussels soup and a bowl of rice and I’d be a happy camper.

AK really wanted to try the crying tiger beef and you can get other protein with that spice. Beef however is king and the tenderness of the meat was great.

green curry fishball

While my table pondered about fishballs and which one was it to get, a lady at the next table told us it was the green curry dish with stuffed fishballs that she came for. It was definitely an interesting dish as the yolk in the fish ball wasn’t too hard or crumbly.

lamb curry

If I had any thoughts about Thais not eat eating lamb, they all disappeared with the appearance of this dish. The lamb was very tender and naturally we ate everything.

Here’s a funny video of us talking about it…and other things.

spicy chicken noodles

The four of us finished off our meal with some spicy noodles with chicken. Did we clutch our stomachs as we left? Yes, but thankfully not from a spice overload.

While we were there, a professional photographer was photographing the food to accompany a food story. The stuff we saw looked so good. I’ll have to try the whole crispy fish soon!


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