Silver Lake: Wat Dong Moon Lek

Wat Dong Moon Lek

I was talking to a friend about where to go to dinner in Silver Lake. We rattled off a bunch of Mexican spots and then I remembered I always wanted to try Wat Dong Moon Lek for their noodles.

tofu spicy glass noodles pad thai

Wat Dong Moon Lek had three versions of pad thai noodles (though only 2 are listed on their online menu). I tried to convince my friend to get the street version but it sounded really spicy. She went with the glass noodles pad thai and asked for it to be medium. After tasting my “medium spice” noodles, I knew we were both in trouble.

beef noodles

I got the beef (boat) noodles without the interesting bits. I probably should have gotten the beef with all my fave things- tripe and such but wasn’t sure how my friend would feel about sharing my bowl. This bowl came with rice noodles, rare beef, braised beef and meatballs (I actually think these were fish balls).

And yes, very spicy for medium spice. However, not as spicy as NO spice at Ord Hoyka Noodles where I can’t even eat anything there (and yet, I can survive Jitlada).

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this hipster noodle joint. Parking was easy and there are so many more things on the menu I want to try. Dare I say I found an even better Thai noodle joint than Thai Town Noodles (my fave after Sapp Coffee Shop).

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Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodles

4356 Fountain Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029-2226 – (323) 666-5993