Rosewood Tavern Now Open

Rosewood Tavern opened a couple of weeks ago, giving Animal some competition on Fairfax. My friends and I talked about how this area needed another bar– no, really! A bar that served lots of whiskeys, in particular Scotch. There was also an edited list of Irish Whiskey as well. I started off with a Powers Irish Whiskey on the rocks.

Old Fashioned

Then I moved onto an Old Fashioned except I’ve never seen an Old Fashioned with muddled orange in it. Sure, maybe an orange peel. And a cherry? I guess it’s festive. Oh, it tasted good but I wouldn’t call this an Old Fashioned.

deviled eggs


How does someone who doesn’t really like eggs really like deviled eggs? Don’t question my finicky ways! I had to have ’em and they were a’ight. I prefer my deviled eggs with a bit of crunch- where’s the relish?

chicken liver

I had heard the thing to get were the chicken liver crostini. Yeah, this is definitely one of my favorites of the night.

farro salad

I was a bit confused about the farro salad. I expected, you know, a mound of farro. Instead, it was a mixed greens salad with farro sprinkled on top. It was certainly good but not quite what I expected.

steak and ale pie

The steak and ale pie was addicting. It was a tiny bit sweet but otherwise it was perfect. The pastry top was light as air.

rib eye with brussel sprouts

All the sides are ordered separately but Rosewood Tavern plated it with our steaks. While rib eye is my favorite cut, this wasn’t my favorite tonight. We asked for it to be cooked medium rare but it was so obviously medium, on the verge of medium well.

New York Strip

On the other hand, the New York strip was cooked medium rare and was bursting with meaty juices. It was my favorite of the night. We got creamed spinach with it.

creamed spinach

baked potato

I wasn’t too into the creamed spinach. First off, the portion was eensy weenie and it was a bit clumpy. Definitely not creamed. However, the baked potato was great. Simple, delightful.

Overall, I feel Rosewood Tavern has a lot of potential. Keep in mind, we were there a week into the opening. Our server even joked it’s good we waited a week because they just worked out some kinks (he said it as he was opening the wrong bottle of wine for us). If I were to give grades, I give B- for effort.


Rosewood Tavern

448 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 944-0980