Urban Garden On Fairfax Is Now Open

slicing shwarna

slicing shawarma

Recently I was invited to Urban Garden‘s party celebrating its opening. The modern Mediterranean restaurant opened last fall. Tucked next door to Rosewood, the fast-casual spot serves up a vegetarian friendly menu which also includes favorites like rotisserie chicken and lamb shawarma.



Some of my favorite things are dolmas. The grape leaves are stuffed usually with a mixture of rice and spices. I found the ones at Urban Garden familiar yet exciting because the spice mixture was different than what I was used to.



I also tried the hummus and spicu hummus along with babaganoush (eggplant dip) and  tabouli (parsley). I always enjoy all of these and the spicy hummus was my favorite.



The fattoush or as I was calling it, Mediterranean salad, was very fresh.

veggie kibbe

veggie kibbeh

We stood around admiring the perfect veggie kibbeh. These were incredibly savory and we just couldn’t understand how it tasted like there was meat but these were truly vegetarian.

lamb schwarma

lamb shawarma

I was looking forward to trying the lamb shawarma after seeing it on the spit. It looked juicy even from far away. I couldn’t get enough of the pickled onions as well. I’d definitely get this as a pita though it’d also be perfect as a 3-item plate with a couple of side dishes. Urban Garden also offers a 2-item combo plate. The plate also comes with mixed greens and pita.

cous cous

cous cous

If you can’t decide on the items for a plate, Urban Garden has a few suggested plates. I may have to come back for the Lean and Mean which includes beef kefta kabobs, kale salad, cous cous salad rice and tahini.

rotisserie chicken with garlic sauce

rotisserie chicken with garlic sauce

Other protein options include ground beef and my favorite, the rotisserie chicken with the gorgeous, wonderful garlic sauce. I slathered this garlic sauce on everything from the chicken to the pita to well, just about everything. No vampire is coming near me.

Urban Garden

446 N Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036  —  (323) 951-0990
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